From: Satoshi Te-Sudak
Sent: 2013.12.28 12:55
To: Imperium Eden,

Good day everyone

As many of you already know, a freind of our alliance is being harassed by some random people via wardec. We have decided to take part in this war and help our friends. So, we are entering the war. Our enemy seems to be based around Jita.

This is our chance to get some kills without going to null or loosing security status. We will fight those ******** anywhere and everywhere. Check your corp war status and add those ****** to your watch list. When you see any of them in local just shout in the alliance chat, get that fleet up, and **** ***** the ***** all the way to ***** ***.

Most importantly lets have some fun and thank those dumb **** for providing us with no risk PvP in highsec.